Q. Is there going to be security present?
A. Yes, security will be present on the stampede grounds.

Q. Will there be bag checks?
A. Yes, in order to ensure a safe venue for everyone, bag checks will be in place.

Q. Is smoking allowed on the grounds?
A. No, due to changes in smoking laws, public parks and sport fields are now No Smoking areas.

Q. Is there admission fee on Sunday?
A. Yes, There is now a $5 admission fee now on Sunday.

Q. Are dogs allowed
A. Yes, dogs are allowed but must remain on a leash & please remember to clean up after them.

Q. Is there an ATM on the grounds?
A. Yes, there is an ATM available in the arena.

Q. Are there bathroom?
A. Yes, there are bathrooms in the arena and behind the Outdoor Food Court

Q. Is parking available at the Stampede?
A. Please reference our Parking Plan for more information.

Q. Why did you remove the Mud bog?
A. Due to declining attendance and logistical issue it was decided to try another event. We were very pleased by the record attendance for the Demolition Derby and also very pleased to have 30 Cars entered for our first year. Also having Thrill Show Productions running the event made it much better than anything we could have done ourselves.
The Mud Run was always a very special event for the members of the VBA and it was not an easy decision to make but for the longevity of the Virgil Stampede we really had no choice.

Q. When do the winners find out the results of the Nickle sale?
A. All winners will be notified on Tuesday, after the Stampede by phone. A list will also available at the Advance in Virgil.

Q. Is it possible to access the Stampede via Lorraine St/Arena Rd.?
A. The road is closed to vehicles but you can walk through

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